International Person of Leather 2019 - iamar Kinhawk

Post date: Feb 14, 2019 4:16:43 AM


New International Person of Leather Named on February 2nd, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada – February 2nd, 2019 – The beginning of February saw iamar Kinhawk of the South East region sashed as the 2019 International Person of Leather. This year can be summed up by simply saying there was a lot of heart in this years contest.

Mr. Andrew Love, Co-Founder of the International Person of Leather Contest said, “iamar really gave it her all, pushing her body and heart to the limits. It was great to see so much passion.”

When asked about our outgoing title holder slave Jazz also added, “As an Executive Producer, I am so very grateful to abizzy for the enthusiasm and excitement she brought to the title. She did the title proud."

"It will be great to see what iamar does with the sash this year" Co-Founder Master Tallen interjected.

For those interested in producing one of the International Person of Leather regions, please visit our website:

About International Person of Leather (InterPOL):

The International Person of Leather Contest is a celebration of the diversity in the Leather community. The title of Person of Leather exists to promote that diversity.

International Person of Leather is a community service title. We see that the leather community consists of extremely diverse people with a common thread throughout, that thread being Leather culture.

Each year, a single International Person of Leather will be selected not based on gender-identity, sexual-orientation, race, physical appearance, age, or disability, but rather on their ability to articulate their views, passions, and dedications and to make an impact in their communities. We will expect these People of Leather to act as mentors, educators, role models and spokespeople throughout their title year.

The goal of the International Person of Leather is to promote and celebrate the diversity of Leather Culture both regionally and internationally throughout the alternative sex-positive community on behalf of the International Person of Leather Contest.

Person of Leather: one title, one community.